Discover your size

In order to be truly happy with the rings you wear, they need to be the perfect fit.
Therefore, we will not stop before our customers are completely satisfied with their size. But how do you find out what your ring size is?

The safest option is to order our measuring device. This carton will tell you your exact size. We believe that getting your size right the first time pleases all parties involved but most importantly we want to minimize our environmental footprint by avoiding unnecessary returns. Therefor we reward anybody that orders the measuring device a €10,- discount to be uses for their final order.

In case you do not have the time to order our ring size measuring device, another option is to drop by your local jewelry shop and have your size measured professionally (make sure to ask for the size in diameter). If you already have a ring that fits well, and you are looking to buy a ring for the same finger, you just measure the diameter. At Youngblood Jewelry we use European sizes, which means your diameter in mm is the same as your size.